Asami Kiyokawa

Sennnengo no Hyakunin Isshu




When I first visited Kenninji Temple and Ryoin Temple in Kyoto, I imagined that the buildings and gardens were very beautiful and that my own works were lined up in the space.
It's a good time to be free from the thoughts of the day, just to face the condition of the body and to tilt the water.
Imagine a space where quiet time flows, as if you could hear a song from a thousand years ago. Enjoy the world of "a hundred people in a thousand years" while feeling the autumn leaves and smells of the garden, the signs of the singers, and the things that are happening in this era. I would be happy if you could.

会場:両足院建仁寺山内(〒605-0811 京都府京都市東⼭区⼤和⼤路通四条下る4丁⽬⼩松町591)

主催 : 朝⽇新聞社、ASAMI inc.、京都新聞、リトルモア
協賛 : 株式会社グランマーブル、株式会社マツシマホールディングス
特別協⼒ : 両⾜院
協⼒ : RICHTER&Co.
朗読 : 南果歩
デザイン : コズフィッシュ

Solo Exibition “Sennnengo no Hyakunin Isshu” at Ryosoku-in temple in Kyoto
DATE:November 21st to December 10th, 2018
PLACE:Ryosoku-in temple YAMAUCHI(591 Matsugaecho, 4-chome, Shijo-dori, Owa-Oji-dori, Higashi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0811)

Organizer: Asahi Shimbun, ASAMI inc., Kyoto Shimbun, Little More
Sponsor: Grand Marble Co., Ltd., Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd.
Display configuration: SANDWICH
Special cooperation: Ryoin
Cooperation: RICHTER & Co.
Recitation: Kaho Minami
Design: Kozfish