Asami Kiyokawa

Chouyou-Nihonmatsu Art Festival 2017 Chieko's birthplace



"Being a woman has nothing to do with my soul. Rather than thinking of being a woman, the driving force of life is more rooted and I always forget that I am a woman." __ Chieko Takamura
The sense of mission that you have to live while fighting against "yourself" is beautifully formed while being destroyed.
By reconstructing Chieko's value as a woman with warp and weft, she expressed a new view of women.

会場:二本松市智恵子記念館(〒969-1404 二本松市油井字漆原町36)
協力:畠山千明 / Chenche Kai / Chiho Fuse / Misako Nakahira

Chouyou Art Festival 2017 at Nihonmatsu-shi (Chieko’s birthplace)
Dates:September 9th to November 23rd, 2017
Venue:Chieko Memorial Museum, Nihonmatsu City (36 Urushiharamachi, Yui, Nihonmatsu City, 969-1404)
Planner/Organizer:Chungyang Arts Festival Executive Committee
Photographer:OMOTE Nobutada
Partners:Chiaki Hatakeyama, Chenche Kai , Chiho Fuse, Misako Nakahira