Asami Kiyokawa

清川あさみ個展「Mirror World」 ASAMI KIYOKAWA solo exhibition “Mirror World”



Virtual technology such as metaverses and digital twins has brought the “alternate city” to greater prominence. Asami Kiyokawa’sTOKYO MONSTER series incorporating actual street snaps is the entry point to an exhibition drawing us into a realm that jumbles together the real and the virtual, as well as external appearances and inner selves. The works exhibited here present scenes in which physical matter and information have been mixed together on multiple levels, using UV printing and other techniques in addition to the embroidery that has long been a part of Kiyokawa’s practice. Snapshots from various times, ranging from magazine archives to photos taken by the artist herself, are assembled into exhibits that spread out, blurring the boundaries of space and time. Contraposed exhibition spaces imitate a mirrored city, giving the people wandering back and forth between them dreams of a new city that lies between the real and the virtual.

清川あさみ個展「Mirror World」
会期: 2023年2月23日(木)~3月31日(金)
会場: MAKI Gallery / 天王洲 I, 東京

Asami Kiyokawa’s New solo exhibition “Mirror World”
Dates: February 23 (Thu.) – March 31 (Fri.), 2023
Venue: MAKI Gallery / Tennoz I, Tokyo