Asami Kiyokawa

清川あさみ個展「あめつちのうた」 ASAMI KIYOKAWA solo exhibition “Ametsuchi no Uta”



Asami Kiyokawa was born on Awaji Island and has a strong sense that her roots are here. This is her first solo exhibition on her home island in a twenty-year career as an artist. She presents some forty works, including early works, her well-known Bijo Saishu series and Tokyo Monster series, her latest embroidery work Ametsuchi no Uta, and her Kuniumi animation.
Thread plays a part in many different situations in everyday life. Employing thread, embroidery has the ability to produce images with a physical presence wherever it is used. I firmly believe in its power to tie stories into the past, the present, and the future.
With COVID-19 raging across the globe, our way forward was unclear, and anxiety was spreading. But, returning to the island of my birth, I sensed a light of hope on seeing the beauty of the sea and the morning sun, unchanged since ancient times.
The Kuniumi story tells how Izanagi and Izanami were sent down from heaven to create the islands of Japan. The first island they created is said to be my home island of Awaji. Watching the beauty of the sunrise over the sea from Awaji Island inspired me to create a work with that experience as its motif.
Today we need to change the way that humankind relates to nature. Ametsuchi no Uta is a song of heaven and earth that emerged from those circumstances, extolling the beauty of life as well as embodying an awareness that we are each a part of nature.
I hope that this work will become a thread in new stories for each of us.

ふるさと洲本応援事業特別開催 清川あさみ個展「あめつちのうた」
会場:S BRICK(淡路島) 〒656-0021 兵庫県洲本市塩屋1丁目1−8

Furusato Sumoto Support Project Special Held Asami Kiyokawa Solo Exhibition Ametsuchi no Uta
Dates:July 22nd to August 15th, 2021
Venue:S BRICK (Awaji Island) 1-1-8 Shioya, Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture 656-0021
Organizer: Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture
Cooperation: Dots Co., Ltd., Umizora ​​Co., Ltd.