Asami Kiyokawa

あめつちのうた Ametsuchi no Uta



Everything imbued with life is part of nature, including the people living today (us), the birds that fly from island to island, the fish that swim in the sea, and the creatures in the forest
How did this lush natural world and animal life come about? I want to see the moment when the heavens and earth began, the oceans and islands appeared, and life came into being.
I created my own Ametsuchi no Uta—“song of heaven and earth,” the oldest perfect pangram in the Japanese language, written in the 9th century—tying together, stitch by stitch, images of things possessing tiny spirits breathing among the wide variety of natural elements, the wind and trees, water and rocks, mountains and fields, and fire and lightning.

写真 : 顧剣亨 (works)

Material:Canvas,Embroidery thread,Beads
Photo : KENRYOU GU (works)