Asami Kiyokawa

Solo exhibition



In this exhibition, in addition to the representative work "Beauty Collection" series, the "TOKYO Monster" series focusing on the fashion culture of the 90's, and the new work "Wolf King Robo" which is three-dimensionally expressed using threads and cloth in the picture drawn by Kiyokawa. Introducing original drawings such as the picture book series. In addition, we will create new outdoor installations based on the concept of "collecting forests" and new works expressed with light and images. Please enjoy the world of beauty collected by Asami Kiyokawa.

個展「清川あさみ -美採集-」
会場:金津創作の森 アートコアミュージアム-1・ギャラリー・野外(〒919-0806福井県あわら市宮谷57-2-1)
主 催:(公財)金津創作の森財団
共 催:あわら市・あわら市教育委員会、福井新聞社、月刊URALA編集室
後 援:福井県、公益財団法人福井県文化振興事業団、北國新聞社、北日本新聞社、FBC福井放送、福井テレビ、北陸朝日放送、FM福井、エフエム石川、福井ケーブルテレビ・さかいケーブルテレビ、 一般社団法人あわら市観光協会、株式会社金沢倶楽部
企画制作:ASAMI inc.
協 力:N and R Foldings Japan、P.I.C.S.

Solo exhibition “ASAMI KIYOKAWA Bisaishu”
Dates:July 18-September 27, 2015
Venue:Kanaz Forest of Creation Artcore Museum-1, Gallery, Outdoors (57-2-1 Miyadani, Awara City, Fukui Prefecture, 919-0806)
Organizer:Kanaz Forest of Creation Foundation
Co-sponsored:Awara City, Awara City Board of Education, Fukui Shimbun, Monthly URALA Editing Room
Sponsor:Fukui Prefecture, Fukui Prefectural Cultural Promotion Corporation, Hokuriku Shimbun, Kita Nihon Shimbun, FBC Fukui Broadcasting, Fukui Television, Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting, FM Fukui, FM Ishikawa, Fukui Cable Television / Sakai Cable Television, General Incorporated Association Awara City Tourism Association, Kanazawa Club Co., Ltd.
Planning and production:ASAMI inc.
Venue composition:Hajime Ishii
Partners:N and R Foldings Japan, P.I.C.S.