Asami Kiyokawa




The artist combines positive and negative versions of images she posted on Instagram, printing one onto photo paper, and the other onto a plane of warp threads. The two images are superimposed, leaving a small gap between the layers. Viewed from some angles, the negative and positive versions clash, producing a multi-layered expression of the psychological background and memories of the time when the posting was made.

12月28日 b/H491×W491×D33mm /(2018)

Dec.28 b/H491×W491×D33mm /(2018)

11月28日/H497×W497×D34mm /(2018)

Nov.28/H497×W497×D34mm /(2018)

9月23日/H296×W296×D34mm /(2018)

Sept.23/H296×W296×D34mm /(2018)

12月28日 a/H296×W296×D34mm /(2018)

Dec.28 a/H296×W296×D34mm /(2018)

11月28日 b/H296×W296×D34mm /(2018)

Nov.28 b/H296×W296×D34mm /(2018)

3月31日/H297×W297×D33mm /(2018)

Mar.31/H297×W297×D33mm /(2018)

9月15日/H297×W297×D33mm /(2018)

Sept.15/H297×W297×D33mm /(2018)

4月11日/H491×W491×D34mm /(2018)

Apr.11/H491×W491×D34mm /(2018)

6月10日/H297×W297×D34mm /(2018)

Jun.10/H297×W297×D34mm /(2018)

11月27日/H497×W497×D34mm /(2018)

Nov.27/H497×W497×D34mm /(2018)

5月1日/H395×W395×D33mm /(2018)

May.1/H395×W395×D33mm /(2018)

8月18日/H492×W491×D35mm /(2018)

Aug.18/H492×W491×D35mm /(2018)

写真 : 表恒匡 (works)

Material:Sublimation transfer printing thread, Inc on paper, Acrylic plate
Photo : OMOTE Nobutada (works)