Asami Kiyokawa

Our New World (Toranomon) Our New World (Toranomon)



People and landscapes change as they move towards the future. I wanted to express this moving world and the way it changes through stained glass in a way that is unlike anything anyone had ever seen before, even though the site is underground. With that in mind, I brought together scenes from cities I have visited around the world, including the new Toranomon area, to create a never-before-seen city. I incorporated an effect that changes the way the images appear according to the angle at which they are viewed. Countless images of each city’s history and its cultural diversity emerge, overlapping. What people see changes as they progress, with the scene that was just viewed fading into the past, and the scene to be viewed tomorrow revealing a new and different future, unlike what was just seen. The changes are stimulating, making passersby feel the passing of time. The stained glass images become a connection to the modern Toranomon Hills Station and a link to the new world of Toranomon, co-existing with both.

サイズ:H 2700×W 6000
素材: ステンドグラス
写真: Munetaka Tokuyama

Size:H 2700×W 6000
Material: Stained glass
Photo: Munetaka Tokuyama