Yama no Oto/ Yasunari Kawabata
No Longer Human/ Osamu Dazai
The Broken Commandment/Touson Shimazaki
White Nights/Dostoyevsky
Moments musicaux, D780(op.94) /Franz Peter Schubert
Faust/ Goethe
Les Liasons dangereuses/ Choderlos de Laclos
The Lake/ Yasunari Kawabata
Spring Snow/Yukio Mishima
Naomi/ Junichiro Tanizaki
Parlez-Moi D' Amour/Lucienne Boyer

From her own collection, the artist selected books that she has fond memories of,and produced embroidered drawings on pages that had left a particularly strong impression. The threads of the stories are gathered as if braiding old memories together one by one. As the individual threads connect, they transform into another story inside us.

Material:book, embroidery thread

Photographer: OMOTE Nobutada